Collectif des Familles de Disparu(e)s en Algérie (CFDA)

Contact : Nassera Dutour, Spokesperson of the CFDA, President and member of the FEMED Board



For a decade, after the electoral process in Algeria was halted in 1992, it is estimated that more than 10,000 persons have been disappeared by agents of the state. The Collectif des Familles des Disparu(e)s en Algérie (CFDA) was created in Paris in May 1998, under the impetus of some mothers of the disappeared. At the same time, the first files on disappearances from Algeria and France were sent to the United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances. The CFDA has always demanded the establishment of an independent commission to carry out investigations, to establish responsibilities, and to elaborate a national policy of reparation, rehabilitation and compensation that will concern the victims, their families and the whole of society.




SOS Disparus

Contact : Fatima Yous, President


Sos Disparus was created in 2001, following the creation, in 1998 in France, of the Collectif des familles de disparues en Algérie (CFDA) on the initiative of a small group of families of the disappeared. The association works in constant collaboration with the CFDA, which is the interface between the Algerian families and the international authorities for the protection of human rights, such as the UN or the African Commission on Human Rights. Sos Disparus is an Algerian association that provides support and legal and administrative advice to the thousands of families of victims of enforced disappearance in Algeria. The premises are a place of welcome, mutual support and memory, a space of information and reflection for a just and adequate settlement of the file of the disappeared. Sos Disparus acts at the national level by incessantly questioning the justice system and the Algerian authorities, by holding family gatherings in front of national institutions, by organizing training on international justice and meetings-debates between members of civil society, by writing urgent communiqués on current cases of disappearance or arbitrary detention.



Contact : Cherifa Kheddar, Presidente


The association Djazairouna was created in 1997. It was founded by the families of murdered or kidnapped victims, as well as by the survivors of the attacks and bloody massacres that the Mitidja region has known.




Contact : Ali Merabet, President and Board Member of FEMED


The SOMOUD association was the first to break the taboo of enforced disappearances in Algeria in 1995. It holds the country's leaders and rulers responsible for the enforced disappearances committed by the various terrorist groups in Algeria. This responsibility is linked to their silence and complicity. Somoud fights so that the victims can enjoy their rights.