Mères de Srebrenica

Contact : Hatidza Mehmedovic

The Mothers of Srebrenica formed an association in 1995 following the genocide that devastated their town and region. By demanding the truth about the enforced disappearances and other abuses that were practiced against the Bosnian population, the association has contributed to raising public awareness and continues to work to bring to justice those responsible for these crimes.


Femmes de Srebrenica

Contact : Nura Begovic


The Women of Srebrenica, an organization of women citizens from the Srebrenica region, is based in the city of Tuzla. Since their creation in the 1990s, these women have fought to find their loved ones and to bring out the Truth about the Srebrenica massacre. Thus, from legal communications to public actions, the association works for justice for the families of the missing.


Association des Personnes tuées et disparues de Vrbanja

Contact : Semina Alekic, Secretary General


The Association of Killed and Missing Persons from Vrbanja is an association of families of missing persons that is active in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The association demands that the truth be told about the enforced disappearances that took place in the Vrbanja region. It is also active in the Bosnian national coordination and the Balkan regional coordination of associations of families of the missing.