IHD (Human Rights Association ou Ligue turque des droits de l’homme) 

Contact : Mustafa Emrah Seyhanlioglu


IHD (?nsan Haklar? Derne?i) is the Turkish Human Rights Association, established in 1986 by human rights activists. The IHD has branches all over Turkey and among its actions is the fight against enforced disappearances. Within this framework, IHD supports associations of families of disappeared persons, publishes press releases and reports, in order to solve this atrocious crime in Turkey.



Contact : Cemal Bektas, President of YAKAY-Der and Member of the FEMED Board


YAKAY-Der is an association that has been working since 2001 to shed light on the circumstances of disappearances and extrajudicial executions in Turkey by conducting research with the families of victims, organizing conferences and other awareness-raising activities. In this context, YAKAY-Der is working on approximately 1500 cases of enforced disappearances that took place in Turkey between 1993 and 1998 during the "special war" to eliminate the PKK.


Mères pour la paix

Contact : Nezahat Teke, Member of Mothers for Peace and Member of the FEMED Board


During the 1990s, during the fighting between Kurdish armed groups and the Turkish army, nearly 5,000 people were killed or disappeared. Since that time, no perpetrator has been prosecuted and no investigation has been carried out into these cases. Mothers For Peace is an association of women whose relatives have been killed or disappeared. The association represents hundreds of families and manages to mobilize close to 1000 families during the events it organizes. Mothers For Peace fights for peace and demands the right to truth and justice. To this end, they regularly organize demonstrations, publish press releases and participate in joint activities with other NGOs and human rights associations.




MEYA-Der is an association of families of the disappeared, based in Southeast Turkey, established in 2008. MEYA-Der follows about 1200 cases of enforced disappearances and, in this context, supports the families of the disappeared by seeking information about their fate. Most of the victims are of Kurdish origin but the association receives all complaints.