LIBIA : Call on UNSMIL to Urgently Establish Safe Corridors in Benghazi.

While welcoming the mission’s statement, Human Rights Solidarity restates its condemnation of the silence of the mission by not taking any action during the last eight months since the beginning of military operations in Benghazi. Operations which targeted civilian facilities and residential neighborhoods resulting in the displacement of more than twenty thousand (20’000) families and causing severe damage to infrastructure in a number of suburbs in the city.

Of the most heavily affected facilities are those which provide basic health services, this includes warehouse of medical supplies and equipment which were destroyed in air strikes in the beginning of military operations. Of the six major hospitals in Benghazi, three are closed and the others partially operational because of lack of medical staff, because of security conditions, and lack of medical supplies and equipment. In addition to that, psychiatric hospital and kidney dialysis center, and cardiology center have all been closed because of the ongoing fighting.

HRS calls upon the United Nations Support Mission in Libya for urgent action to open safe corridors for the arrival of medicine and medical supplies which are urgently needed by these hospitals and medical centers. Early December of last year the mission received reports and lists relating to these needs. The health situation in Benghazi is in dire state and lives and wellbeing of the city's inhabitants are of no less importance than the preservation of this sovereign institution.

Human Rights Solidarity

Tripoli Libya - january 22 2015

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